Are you working to LIVE or living to work

I'll never forget the moment I heard my phone buzzing, my husband calling and one of my kids crying.

I wish I knew then what I know now. 

Building a foundation built on trust in your marketplace buys back your time. 

When you follow this method, you can afford to let the phone ring a little longer without losing another client.






What we do & how we do it works. 

Really well.

Agent 1  - New agent with over $5M in sales year 1, $100,000 in gross commission dollars.
Agent 2 - $8.4. Million closed and pending as a new agent.
Agent 3 - $6.4 M closed and pending as a new agent. 
Agent 4  - 12 month period 11/20 to 11/21 over $21 Million+ closed and pending.
Agent 5 - 12 month period 11/20 - 11/21 over $9 Million+ in closed sales. 
Agent 6  - Average sale price over $1M. 
Agent 7 - 3 Pending sales within 60 days of joining the team.
Agent 8 - Under 1 year as a new agent $3.4 M in closed sales working about 15 hours per week.
Agent 9 - 2 Pending sales within 60 days of joining the team. 
Agent 10 - Increased business from year 1 $3M to year 2 $11.8 Million in closed volume.

Inman news, HGTV, Forbes, Bank Rate, Usa Today, convention organizers, News Center 5, have all trusted me to educate their audience on the market.

I am a life long learner, teacher and mentor. I share openly with my partners what is working, how to build the steps into your business and most importantly how to leverage what we do to enjoy the life you are working to build. 

The TKLRR method is the foundation of my success and it's how I have been able to teach agents to grow their own profitable businnesses, to exceed industry standards, to live better.


Total Sales

Top 2%

Over 1.5 Million 

Realtors in US

Zillow Reviews

List-to-Sale Price

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